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Your problem is NOT "Getting more clients"

Your problem is NOT

I speak to a lot of business owners and I always ask them what their biggest problem is.

Can you guess what 99% of them say?

That’s right, “I need more clients”

Do you have the same issue? If I ask you that question, will that be your answer?


If you answer is yes to the above, you are incorrect.


When you have a runny nose, is the runny nose the problem or is it a consequence of something else?

When you go to the doctor, they give you something that will kill the bug that is causing the runny nose. Luckily you get something for the runny nose as well but, the bug is the problem not the runny nose.

So if you need more clients, it means that you do not have enough clients. That is a consequence of something else that is wrong.

You need to find the bug in your business.

Like Stephen Covey said “The way you see the problem is the problem”. You are stuck at looking into “getting more clients”. You focus on that statement and forget about all the activities and tasks that take place to get more clients.

Everything in business is connected. Have you ever thought of how things work together and how they rely on each other?

If you need more clients, you need to do more marketing. For that to happen, you need more cash flow. For more cash flow you need more revenue. To get that, you need to sell more products. If you sell more products, you (might) need more employees that needs salaries. Etc. etc.

You can actually link all business processes, people and principles to one another to form a web that needs to balance out.

So if you need more clients, go and look at what the actual problem is. Dick deep into all the aspects of your sales process. I can promise you now, if you do more prospecting, you will get more clients. But if you do enough prospecting, there might be a problem with what you say or who you talk to. It might be that your product is not valuable to who you target or that the product is not priced right. Your language plays a role, how motivated are you, do you smile over the phone, and do you only use social media… The list goes on and on.

There are so many things that can play a role in “Getting more clients” so do the work and find the actual problem. Fix the problem and then find the next one. If you do this a couple of times, your business (and your income) will double.

If you need some help to pinpoint the biggest problem that is keeping you from getting more clients, get in contact with Business Doctors or click here to start the process.

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