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Is business management that complicated?

Is business management that complicated?

Are we making business management too complicated?


I had a discussion with someone on Social Media about companies that do not have management that ensures proper product delivery and client satisfaction. The conversation came from someone who was unhappy about the service they received from a company in our local community.

My question is, do we see management as this big thing that takes years to implement and that there are only a few very well trained people that can actually manage a company?

Is it too complicated for the average business owner to implement and run?

Is the problem “management” or is it that some business owners just don’t care?

My view on this is that people think business management is complicated. They see a mountain in front of them when we start talking about management. As human nature is, if the task looks too big, we don’t start.

Small business management should not be complicated. If you only apply the basics, your company will change forever and the basics are easy. When the basics are implemented and your business is stable, then you can move onto different management systems, reporting, analysis etc.

The thing about the basics is that it is basic. It is self-explanatory, it is common sense and you probably know what they are. You only need to implement them.

Remember that you want to build a business. You don’t want to create a job for yourself. The only way to do this is to put systems and procedures in place so that someone else can run the business for you.

If you do this, someone else can run the business without you. With your newly found time, what would you do? Create another business? Go on holidays more often? Build that woodworking shop you always wanted? The opportunities are endless but you need to start somewhere.

Basic management is your starting blocks.

If you need help with your basic business management, that will move your business into a new direction, get in contact with us at Business Doctors Centurion. We will sit with you to understand what you are struggling with, do a free assessment, and give you some advice. If you then decide to work with us, we can discuss the different options to you.

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