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Staff Engagement

Is your team motivated and committed to achieving the end goal?

The most essential step to putting your strategic plan into action is making sure that you have a team of people working for you who are motivated and committed to achieving the end goal.

You can achieve this by engaging and involving your staff in the new process. This DOES NOT mean simply telling them the company has a new strategy and expecting them to change the way they work.

It DOES mean involving them in the process, listening to their ideas and asking their opinions. In other words – give them ownership of the changes and allow them to take responsibility for their role in the making it happen.

This is a unique opportunity which allows your staff to have their stay about how they see your company now and where they see it going in the future.

The session (or sessions depending on staff numbers and operational logistics) is always a big hit with staff. They are extremely motivational and the day always ends on a high.

When your team takes ownership of the objectives, targets and action plans then they become accountable to themselves and to your business. This enables individuals to self manage their own performance and for you to support them through positive encouragement, recognition and reward.

Engaged employees are proactive, committed and take actions that are consistent with your company’s strategic goals and objectives.

If you would like to find out more about staff engagement, please contact your local Business Doctor.

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  • "Simon's coaching was informative and demonstrated that he had real knowledge and understood the business"

    Peter Wren - English Speaking Board Ltd

  • “David has been working with us on the GrowthAccelerator program
    for three months. In that time he has turned my business around by
    making me be accountable and enabling me to work on and not in my
    business more.”

    Gavin Winder, Managing Director, Floorcraft Ltd

  • “Without David’s skills and experience we would not have made the
    positive changes to the business and increased our profits"

    Mark Bryan, Managing Director, Merge Communications Ltd

  • "I have no hesitation in recommending David for any business who is growing, but struggling on actually running it well enough to maximize its profits."

    Alison Austen, Managing Director, AustenHR

  • "We have been working with David for the past 8 months. He has been truly amazing in helping us work out a road map for our business. We now have a real sales focus to help accelerate the growth our the Company".

    Alison Austen, Managing Director, AustenHR

  • "David was our business coach through the Growth Accelerator Scheme. David has a very engaging style and was excellent in helping us redefine our business strategy for this year".

    Therese Edkins, Director, Sherratt Electrical Services Ltd