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Swaziland excited by Business Doctors Launch - SME help at hand


Business Doctors Launch Brings A Night Of Open Dialogue


It was Business, Bankers, Entrepreneurs, Government, Investors and Stakeholders all under one roof.  All gathered in an effort to achieve one goal; to look at how we can all sustainably grow the SMME and SME Sector to levels where these Sectors can be major contributors toward the growth of the Swazi economy.  The SME Sector needs constant monitoring and flexible Policies by banks and government to ensure that the environment is conducive for growth. These are just some of the sentiments shared during what became a very relaxed and interactive el-fresco themed Swaziland Business Sessions 2018 at Sharma House, featuring Government representatives and Captains of Industry.

Government renewed her commitment to look into Policies that will empower local entrepreneurs using the current infrastructure and systems that are readily available like the online company registration and renewal of company licences via e-Government. In his opening statement; the Under Secretary in the Ministry of Commerce, Trade & Industry, Mr. Nkululeko Dlamini welcomed the launch of Business Doctors into the country. Mr. Dlamini made it clear that it is all in the interest of the country to see all Stakeholders open their doors to share insights and deliberate on how best Business Doctors could add value to the Business sector.

Notable guests included Mr. Dumisani Msibi CEO of FINCORP, Mr. Lushaba of SEDCO, Mr. Macford Sibandze of Swazi Mobile, representatives from NIDC, Letshego Finance and Mrs. Sonia Paiva of Eswatini Kitchen who was also part of the Panelists on the night. The Panelists included Jerempaul-Creative Director and Conceptual Artist, Mr. Khulekani Msweli, Ms. Fifi Mikango of Floral Expressions and Business Doctors Africa CEO, Mr. Steven Sutton.  Our facilitator for the night was non either than acclaimed motivational speaker, Mr. Phila Dlamini. Who captivated the audience with his wit and humour complimenting an already the relaxed atmosphere. An interesting debate was tabled by one of the guests regarding how the country seems to have made it a silent death Policy to always go for the cheapest product or service which does not necessarily mean it’s cost effective. This is because it is a known fact that value never comes cheap but cheap means your trips to the shop will be more frequent than when you have opted for quality versus the cheapest quotation.

This is also proving to be detrimental to the country’s vision to attain 1st World status by 2022 because 1st World countries have achieved their status by always making sure they support and only require the best services and products. This attitude can be seen in the way we as Swazis are also attached to international brands and services like BMW, Mercedes Benz, Samsung, SONY, Internet, Apps and Clothing labels even though these services as well as products come at a high cost.

The continuing plight of the Youth also came up as it is still clear that the Youth are the largest part of our population. Yet they are the most affected by unemployment and lack of support from financiers. By supporting the Buy Swazi initiative across all sectors of business, the current and staggering numbers of unemployed youth can be turned around. As this would have a great impact on SME growth by having a positive effect on the whole value chain of all products and services.

As a country that imports billions of Emalangeni worth of services and products we have literary condemned most of our own people to abject poverty and exacerbated the scourge of unemployment which in turn encourages the numbing crime rate and prostitution in the country. With just five years to 2022, there is hope though, that Swazis are now willing to work together to come up with Swazi solutions for the country’s economy. Business Doctors has promised to make Swaziland Business Sessions an annual event where business, government, entrepreneurs, stakeholders and financiers can be able to measure success and evaluate progress in anticipation of 2022.



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