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Namibia joins the Business Doctors Family

I am looking forward to an exciting new career.

What date did you start trading as a Business Doctor?
The proposed date is 1st July 2016
What is your career background?
I am a registered accountant for more than 30 years, working mainly with SME’s and donor funded organizations. I have worked in all the regions of Namibia and with customers from different industries and sizes. Over the years, I enjoyed the results of my consulting and many of my customers grow from small entrepreneurs into large multi-million asset portfolio’s.
I currently also run the training and education forum for trainee accountants in Namibia and introduced an accredited monitoring system for them. The years working as a part time lecturer at local Educational Institutions assisted in my full understanding of training, coaching and mentoring.

What were you doing now?
During the last year, I have deliberately decreased my involvement in my accounting practice and untied myself from many of the daily accounting problems of my customers. Instead I trained my key staff to operate independently of me. My involvement in the practice is currently more consultations and public relations.
How did you discover the franchise and why did you choose this franchise over others that are available?
My passion for coaching and helping my customers in growing their business has made me curious as to the different coaching options available in the market. I investigated the possibility to develop a module myself by combining my experience, expertise and academic qualifications.
The coaching opportunities are vast but I needed a perfect fit to suit my personality and vision. I strive on complex problems and convert them in to easily understandable solutions for my customers.
The Business Doctor franchise gave me the opportunity to buy into a well-structured model without spending endless hours in re-inventing the wheel and is geared for earning passive income in future.
Business Doctors suits the manner in which I love to assist customers, and gives me the freedom to add and express different ideas by adjusting the information for the Namibian Market.

Is your family involved in running the franchise? What is the impact of working together?
Yes, my son Michael is joining the Business Doctors team with me.
We have the wonderful opportunity in Namibia to involve and grow family owned business.
My youngest son, Stephen is currently managing the accounting practise with 24 other staff.
Our family strongly believe that we are each an expert in his / her own field and respect the others for that. Needless to say, we do not always agree but we have managed in the past not to mix family time and business. It is often challenging working with family but since we have all managed an account practice together for the past 14 years we have over time learnt how to be strong team members that support each other.
How did you raise the finances required?
Over the years, we streamlined the accounting practice by specializing in specific fields of expertise and have created a positive cash flow.
We agreed that in order to grow the family business, I need to re-root myself. The finances of the accounting firm were utilized to finance the franchise free.
It is our intention to run the two firms independently utilizing common premises and infrastructure.
How did you find the training material and support you received from your franchisor?
Before accepting and signing the franchise agreement, I met the franchisor, Steve Sutton and immediately felt secure that he is well equipped to represent the product. His hands-on approached impressed me.
The training material and models appears to be very complicated at first, but once broken into different segments and your understanding of the website is more clear, it fits with the expertise and experiences of years in business. We have set aside specific times and places to complete the training. So far it is clear that the material meets internationally accepted standards and I am certain that once we gain more confidence with the product, we will attend to the customers and the process will be easier.
I am looking forward to the official launch, the one on one training with Steve and the assistance from his staff.
What highs do you expect in your new business?
I cannot wait to share my newly found knowledge with my current customers! I have already discovered exciting news and information that I can share with them!!
As sharing information and coaching of the youth or new starters is one of my passions, I am looking forward to setup younger entrepreneurs right from the get go!

What do you particularly love about your work?
Working intimately with my clients and doing my part in assisting them in making their dreams a reality.
What are your plans for the future?
My goal for the next year is to settle Business Doctors in Namibia and to train at least two staff that is confident with the product and the tools on offer. Thereafter I will allow other franchisees to enter the market, but only once properly trained. Namibia is a very small country and the quality of the work in the industry is very important and if not managed well, can be detrimental to the Brand.



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