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Mak-Rak appoints Business Doctors, Western Cape for long-term growth.

We are please to announce that Mak-Rak has signed a Contract with Business Doctors Western Cape for a strategic growth-plan and business value builder program.

Man-Rak has been founded in 1995 by Marc & Arnold Klinkhamer, who came up with a simple, yet innovative and economical Timber-shelving system which could be put together like a big Meccanno set - ideal for the do-it-yourself enthusiast. The rest is history and today Mak-Rak provides the following services:

* Manufacture of product
* Design of shelving layouts
* Advice on shelving requirements
* Delivery and assembly of shelving
* Hire of shelving units, including assembly and removal
* Relocating of existing customers shelving to “new premises”
* Design and manufacture specific products to suit specific needs 

For more information on Mak-Rak:
Web: http://www.makrak.co.za
or Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/makrakcc/

You can find out more about Business Doctors and our unique industry offer at: http://www.business-doctors.co.za/business-builder

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