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Business Doctors Provide The Fundamentals of Facebook

Facebook is no longer only used for social purposes, but can be used to market businesses or even run a business straight from Facebook.

Justin Vicars from Business Doctors in conjunction with Rocci Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted a Facebook Fundamentals marketing session at the Soli Deo Gloria Boutique Hotel in North Riding for business owners or entrepreneurs who wished to excel their business and market themselves.

Vicars said that in 2015 there were about 11.8 million Facebook users in South Africa, which is about 22 per cent of the South African population. Vicars explained that there is a difference between a personal Facebook profile page and a business page. “On a personal page you have a limit of 5 000 friends, but a business page is limitless,” said Vicars.

Vicars went through an eight step process in order to market your business on Facebook.

  • Pick a topic

It is important to keep your audience in mind. The target market of your business is very important as it determines the look and feel of your Facebook page.

  • Create a Facebook page

It is important to bare in mind that there are different Facebook pages. It can also be used as a website or link with websites that your business may already have.

  • Decide on a cover image

One should think very carefully about the cover image as it could be cut off on mobile devices. The cover image may also give information on the product or service.

  • Choose a profile picture

The profile picture is very small so avoid too much text in an image. It is also wise to use your business’s logo or product for a profile picture. The related colours are also important.

  • Set your about page

The about page is 150 characters, so one should think carefully about what one’s target market should know. A hyperlink to a different site may also be used. Vicars said that people make the mistake of marketing products on Facebook, but it is a place to rather discover new things.

  • Don’t underestimate tabs
  • Posting

Posting is the most important aspect of Facebook marketing. One should not post too much as people will get tired of it and may unfollow your page. “You can only know what to post if you pose questions to your audience,” said Vicars.

  • Return on likes.

The business owners were very engaged in the session and it made for a very educational day.

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