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Business Doctors would like to welcome JP to Centurion

Business Doctors would like to welcome it's new Centurion extention to the team. We asked JP a few questions to get to know him a bit better.


What is your career background?

I started in construction management and went into project management. After 5 years in project management, I started my own company with my wife in the food industry. Unfortunately the company could not afford me and I went into the property industry. After that I went into sales and then into IT. 


What were you doing before?

I was a Business Unit Manager in an IT company dealing with Point of Sale systems.


How did you discover the franchise and why did you choose this franchise over others that are available?

I was retrenched from my previous position and started to look for another job. Because of my entrepreneurial spirit, I started by looking at franchises that are available and affordable.

Business Doctors are more accessible, online training and a good support system. The systems Business Doctors use just made sense to me.


How did you find the training material and support you received from your franchisor?

Both good and comprehensive.


What highs do you expect in your new business?

Striving to become an expert in the field and well known in my area for my experience.

Growing business within my area by R 500 million within 5 years (Amount and timing to be fine-tuned)


What do you particularly love about your work?

Helping other people.

Time freedom.



What are your plans for the future?

Building a sellable company through the Value Builder System so I can use my own business as an example.

Going through all available training.

Continues personal development.


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