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Business Doctors Western Cape, South Africa signs Authentic Metal Works

Authentic Metal Works, founder of the Metalian brand, is a production sheetmetal factory based in Kuils River, Cape Town, South Africa and has formally adopted Business Doctor's Value Building, Corporate Governance and Process Efficiency programs as key to their business planning and strategic roadmap.

Metalian is South Africa's fastest growing off-road trailer brand and the manufacturing business and was founded in 1998 by Heinz Modricky, who has diverse skills and knowledge in plastic, wood and steel processing. 

Metalian is SABS accredited and has CAD facilities, provides CNC punching, cutting, bending and welding expertise in manufacturing Innovative 4x4 trailer designs and quality components.

For more information on the Metalian brand, visit http://www.metalian.co.za

You can find out more about Business Doctors and our unique industry offer at:  http://www.business-doctors.co.za/business-builder

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