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Business Doctors team facilitates high-growth strategic session

The National Gazelles is a programme to identify and support a group of high-growth potential SMEs every year for 10 years, through a comprehensive range of business growth-oriented programmes, activities and partnerships. www.Nationalgazelles.co.za

40 of the 200 finalists selected every year will be designated as the National Gazelles – these are high-potential entrepreneurs whose achievements, vision for the future and commitment to their business have earmarked them to receive special support, opportunities and benefits.

The Gazelles programme and customised Business Doctors Strategic workshop launched on the 18th March 2016, is a new type of SME support and development programme that aims to make a significant short, medium and long-term impact on the growth acceleration of a significant national cohort of high-potential SMEs.

The Business Doctors team facilitated the analysis, benchmarking and strategic planning session for the top 40 gazelles. The Strategy session provided the Gazelles with real, sustainable business growth planning capabilities aimed at increasing their sales by more than 30%. The strategic session focused on ensuring that their businesses are not only de-risked and more fundable but, ultimately transformed into high-growth businesses.

If you are interested in participating or would like to discover your high-growth sales areas don’t hesitate to Contact us 

 An initiative of SEDA and Department Small Business Development

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