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Business Doctors invites companies to tender for new website

Request for Quotation - New Website

Business Doctors is a business support network, dedicated to helping SME's to achieve their vision.

Our aim is to offer 'hands on' support to business owners enabling them to overcome their individual challenges and helping them to ahcieve their aspiratios for growth.


We now require a website to promote our services to potential clients within the UK.

The website must contain the following elements:

About us, contact us, news & viewpoints, service directory.  In addition we requre an event management system.  In addition we will need to provide a Business Doctor portal and CRM system. 

The website must be fully managed within a CMS 

Evaluation criteria

Understanding of brief and requirement - 30%

Proven functionality and resilience - 20%

Company track record - 20%

Cost/value for money - 10%

Delivery timescale - 10%

Additional benefits offered - 10%

Proposal format

Proposals shuld clearly demonstrate how they meet each of the requirments set out above.

Deadline and submission

Proposals are required by 15th August 2014, either electronically or by post/in person to Rod Davies, Business Doctors Ltd, Mere One, Mere Grange, St Helens, WA9 5GG or email rod@businessdoctors.co.uk.  Shortlisted applicants will be invited to meet with the team and a decision will be made shortly thereafter.  The service is expected to commence by 1st September 2014.

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