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  • If you can tick any of the blocks below, come and join us for the start-up workshop: You just started your business, what now? You are stuck with something and don't know what to do. You just need someone to bounce your ideas off. You want to get into business but are afraid of if doing the wrong thing. You need help with something specific in your business that is keeping you from going to the next level.    

    What you can expect in the workshop:

    The main focus of this workshop will be for YOU to discuss your business, the problems you face and how we can help you.

    This is not a seminar where someone will talk about business concepts that you don't understand and can't implement in your business. Here we will talk about your business and how to get unstuck.

    It is an interactive workshop for you to get clear on whether you should go into business if you are not yet and if your business idea is sound and profitable.

    There will be a basic outline of a business journey from start to end to streamline the time and discussion points.

    To reserve your space, pleaese follow the link below:


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