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  • Join us for a Business Partners sponsored free interactive seminar and let us show you the options available to fund and better manage your business.

    The core of Business Partners focus is providing you with finance for your formal business. Business Partners structure unique, individualised financing solutions using shareholders’ loans, equity, royalties and term loans – or any combination of these.

    Business Doctors will help you discover how you could scale your business and improve its fundability. Business Doctors will help you find out how your business measures up against funding criteria and how to get a plan in place to make your business fundable.

    FNB will show you the benefits of being with a bank that supports SMEs. The FNB Business Account is their core business banking product which offers you the stability of a traditional bank account, along with the flexibility of our numerous innovative channels to access it in a convenient and efficient way. FNB makes funds available immediately for your business. A convenient, short-term credit facility that is ideal for emergencies and unforeseen circumstances..

    1. If you looking for a business loan?
    2. Or need business finance between R500k and R50 million?
    3. Does your business need personalized banking services?
    4. Do you need immediate access to funds for your business?

    Have your business been running for more than two years with sales above R2 million?

    Then this Business Partners sponsored event is for you.

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