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  • I have 25 years’ experience across all aspects of business, 10 years in the clothing and textile industry and 15 years in the petrochemical industry. I specialise in supply chain management, financial management, enterprise risk management, business continuity, business strategy and project management.

    My passion is to help organisations understand how to optimise and re-engineer processes increasing efficiencies and mitigate risk, redirect costs creating more value for the business and operate the business within a good governance framework. All of which to support the business growth strategy and objectives.

    From my extensive experience, I understand the challenges faced by business owners in the current socio-economic environment. Many businesses are heavily reliant on the owner causing the owner to spend more of his time on operational aspects and less time on the strategic aspects of the business not focusing on the big picture. I can help you refocus and strategise, increasing the value of your business.

    So whether you are a new business, looking to reach the next level of growth, looking to build a sellable business or if you are a corporate that needs innovative strategies for your enterprise and supplier development initiatives, call today. With your knowledge of the challenges your business faces and Business Doctor’s professional expertise, it is a win-win partnership. With our expert advice, mentoring, coaching and practical implementation support, you will be empowered to take your business to the next level.


  • I've had the pleasure of meeting Niree at a lecture she presented on strategies for business growth.
    Beside the presentation being engaging, well researched and delivered with finesse, there is another element that stood out to me.
    Niree shared a wealth of insight based on her experience within the corporate world. Her advice is genuine and sincere. Her solutions are based on fact and resonated with a small sme entrepreneur like me.
    I take this opportunity to sincerely thank her for the time she took to answer questions thoroughly and meaningful advise she gave.
    It is my wish to respond in kind when the opportunity arises and reciprocate the generosity she has shown me.
    She has made a difference in assisting me, as I take the steps to benefit society through my business.
    I hope whoever reads this may also become a beneficiary of her program and her desire to truly help others reach for the stars.

    Rohann Smith CEO Xula Consultants

  • Thank you Niree Stanley for Saturday morning's training, I not only enjoyed the training but learned so much. She is a very good teacher and know her subject. Business Doctors is great!

    Elna Mckenzie Independent Annique Consultant RedTea Life

  • I wish to give a recommendation for Niree Stanley, I met her at networking and she is the most dynamic knowledgeable person and keen on helping others. From no members, she was able to set up the very successful Northcliff business network group. This group was totally dynamic under her leadership where she encouraged speakers as well as open networking , charity collections and sharing of knowledge. I was fortunate to be a member of the group. I have also received some coaching from Niree and she again is excellent , skilled and has a real and fresh approach to business and is a people’s leader. A representation of what success looks like by leading others.

    Adrienne Milner, Milner Realty

  • I did the Health Check with Niree Stanley, and it was a real eye-opener. I have a master’s degree in marketing, and I think I’m quite a bright chap (yes, modesty is not one of my virtues). But I can honestly say that the minute I sat down with Niree, I knew there was so much I wasn’t doing – both because I just hadn’t got round to it, and because I simply didn’t know. I am big on self-education and personal growth, so I often know a lot about a lot of stuff. Even so, the Health Check put things into perspective.
    That leads me to another point: maybe it’s not so much a question of you not knowing as it is one of you not doing. As a marketing expert, I often find it particularly challenging to turn my expert hand on myself, and practice what I preach. It’s the old saying of “Physician, heal thyself,” or “The cobbler’s children never have any shoes.”
    I could bore you with the psychology of that – fear of failure, fear of success… whatever it is, the Health Check was time well spent. Even experts need a helping hand every now and then.

    Rob Rodell, marketing consultant, Rob Rodell Media

  • I run a graphic design company, which I absolutely love. After graduating with a degree and working for a number of companies, I eventually decided to launch out on my own.
    It wasn’t long before I reached a plateau, and although I was doing okay, I wasn’t doing fantastically. I felt that I loved what I did (I still do), and my clients all knew that, so I was baffled as to why I just wasn’t growing. I did a personal session with Niree Stanley. Niree is lovely and kind, and very friendly, but she told me the tough things that I needed to hear.
    You might have heard the concept of things you know you know, things you know you don’t know, and things you don’t know you don’t know. Well, in my case, it was a bit of all three.
    I can confidently say that I learnt so much from Niree that it convinced me enough to continue the process with Business Doctors.

    Chantel de Lange, graphic designer

  • Q: What is the biggest lesson you’re learned from working with The Business Doctor?
    A: The Business Doctor taught me a lot about customer satisfaction and management control. Since I started the programme, I’ve seen an improvement in the business and revenue has started to grow. I was also introduced to the Wave Account which I will use to send out invoices and stay up to date with sales and statements.
    Full article on Sun International website https://www.suninternational.com/stori…/people/hosea-makwela

    Hosea Makwela, H Makwela Car Wash