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  • All my experience in developing businesses ranging from those that are your run of the mill family businesses to new disruptive and industry changing companies, has really highlighted to me, the old adage that “if you’re not growing you’re dying”. The pace of change in the world is increasing and with that comes the dual challenges of fending off potential new competitors and remaining relevant in this ever changing environment.

    Many Owners and CEO’s often refer to the fearsome five when asked why they have no strategy to grow their businesses.

    Stress – I am responsible for the business and have enough stress running the company as it is.

    Risk – Growing the business is risky. How do I choose what to focus on, and can I afford to take my eye of the existing business for even a short time?

    Workload – All my time is being taken up by the business already. I just don’t have the time to do anything else right now.

    Personnel - I cannot trust anyone else to do the job as well as I can, No one understands the client’s needs like I do & If you want a job done, do it yourself. Etc.

    Knowledge – My core business is established and running well, but I’m just not sure how to expand the business from here.

    At Business Doctors we will work hand in hand with you and show you how all of these obstacles can be overcome. The knowledge and skills within the Business Doctors network is extensive and can assist your business no matter what obstacles block your path.

    As Lou Holtz famously said “In this world you're either growing or you're dying so get in motion and grow!” 


  • "Business Doctors has been extremely valuable in helping us concentrate our resources on the UK market and capitalise on the personal approach and accountability of our services."

    Paul Griffiths - Director, Life Cells

  • "thank you for the time and knowledge you shared with our students,the presentation was of an extreme value"

    Manini Hlongwane - Vaal University of Technology

  • "On behalf of Vaal University of Technology,I would like to extend our most heartfelt appreciation to you for your informative presentation on Business skills to our entrepreneurship trainees".

    Idah Naile - Project Manager, Vaal University of Technology

  • Business Doctors has opened our minds which in turn has opened doors to limitless opportunities. Adjusting a 25 year old mind set is not easy but we are well on our way to take our business to new heights with the valuable help and insight from Business Doctors!

    Shaun Evans - Rand Safety

  • The service provided to Regcoms by Steve Sutton of Business Doctors is Excellent. Steve and his team have covered all facets of how we can improve our business.
    The strat session really opened our eyes as to how we can improve and grow our business.

    Reggie Marimuthu - Regcoms

  • Steve was fantastic!

    Jo Kerrigan