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  • Lance is a strategic and operational Educational Professional and Management specialist with 25 years’ experience in both Corporate Executive roles and strategic project management consulting roles. He has also a best-selling author of “Define your moments and make it happen”.

    Lance is a member of the Engineering Council and offers consulting to the Engineering community in approving and analysing foreign qualifications and in accreditation of educational institutions nationally, as well as approve candidates for professional registration.

    Lance brings his wealth of knowledge and understanding of people. He has the ability to upskill talent at Board/EXCO levels whilst still being able to motivate people at all other levels to operationalise deliverables.

    He has extensive experience across the entire education chain. He has written books, hosted radio talk shows, given seminars and talks countrywide. Being quoted in business magazines and journals as an expert in the e-learning and related fields. This includes website for online qualifications, continuous professional development and programmes. He has developed exceptional facilitation skills in one-on-one engagements, workshop settings and formal meetings.

    He was head of Engineering at University of Johannesburg and has been lecturing for over 20 years. Lance is an accredited moderator, assessor and verifier for over 1000 accredited programmes.

    He has successfully run 3 corporate consulting and training companies (Lankon Consulting, Sakhisisizwe Projects and Corporate Training Inc.) He has been a coach and mentor for various companies and has given workshops and coaching for new venture opportunities. He has the gift of being able to connect with staff at all levels.

    He was involved in the management of executive stakeholders and the delivery of engagement interventions to empower management in their sponsorship capabilities of these initiatives.  He has also played various roles in the management of significant transformation initiatives, facilitating organisational design and development initiatives, designing and implementing learning and development solutions and managing teams in optimising their outputs. 


  • "Business Doctors has been extremely valuable in helping us concentrate our resources on the UK market and capitalise on the personal approach and accountability of our services."

    Paul Griffiths - Director, Life Cells

  • "thank you for the time and knowledge you shared with our students,the presentation was of an extreme value"

    Manini Hlongwane - Vaal University of Technology

  • "On behalf of Vaal University of Technology,I would like to extend our most heartfelt appreciation to you for your informative presentation on Business skills to our entrepreneurship trainees".

    Idah Naile - Project Manager, Vaal University of Technology

  • Business Doctors has opened our minds which in turn has opened doors to limitless opportunities. Adjusting a 25 year old mind set is not easy but we are well on our way to take our business to new heights with the valuable help and insight from Business Doctors!

    Shaun Evans - Rand Safety

  • The service provided to Regcoms by Steve Sutton of Business Doctors is Excellent. Steve and his team have covered all facets of how we can improve our business.
    The strat session really opened our eyes as to how we can improve and grow our business.

    Reggie Marimuthu - Regcoms

  • I would like to applaud the Business Doctors team for putting together such an excellent, result-driven, business-focused program.
    In particular, I would like to mention the amazing personal experiences that I have had in such a short period of time. I am impressed by the level of candidness, wealth of business experience, and real-life examples that the facilitators/mentors have shared with us. The pressure on the program is so intense, real and yet rewarding, because the business environment is exactly like that. (And this part of the program I would recommend you keep, it is so beneficial).
    I have observed the amount of professionalism in the whole team, especially when it comes to communication, which I really appreciated.
    I came to Business Doctors with a business that had gone through a really rough patch, and on day 1, I already had an idea to create another business, and within 3 days, I was ready to pitch the idea. I would not have been ready to pitch had it not been for the honest feedback and constructive criticism from the two gentlemen, Christo and Rudi.
    Thank you once again for an invaluable experience, and I look forward to having more successful (and yes, sometimes stressful) business learning experiences.

    Abraham Motsoane - Learning eVarsity