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Business Doctors Lynnwood and Lucert Group - Bongani and Tholiwe Khosa

What brought you to book a session?

Enterprise Development Program


How have you experienced the sessions?

The sessions are informative and helped us to focus on all areas it the running of the business.


What changed in your business since working with me?

-         There is great improvement is systems management. We have managed to develop and implement a lot of systems that were not there before.

-         We have learnt to focus on the bottom line.

-         We now have a succession plan in place


What benefits did you gain from the sessions?

-         The sessions helped us to properly plan for all the projects we get and calculate if we will make any profit.

-         Helped in the emphasis of spreading the business and not relying on one client.


How likely are you to recommend the sessions to others?

We would definitely recommend these sessions to others.

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