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Exit Planning.

Kerry Boulton is the founder and CEO of Melbournebased
company The Exit Strategy Group.

She is one of the most respected business exit strategy experts in Australia when it comes to being able to monetize a business for sale.
Boulton believes exit planning is a process, not a destination. The Exit Strategy Group helps business
owners to overcome the challenges they face and, most importantly, outlines the steps they need to take to ensure
they attain financial freedom.

For over 20 years, Boulton’s reputation has grown as she has mentored owners on how to build successful businesses
and to monetize the wealth that’s lying in them. Boulton made the decision to add The Value Builder
System™ to her client offering in January 2016, earned her Certified Value Builder™ designation in the same year
and became one of our first platinum advisors in 2017.

With over 100 completed questionnaires under her belt, Boulton provides some useful insight into how to integrate
and market The Value Builder System™ questionnaire and assessment. “Many business owners simply don’t know what they
need to know to prepare for succession, transition of ownership and exit. Exit strategies are not just about making money.

Business owners often have other goals, such as establishing a legacy, ensuring the business “It doesn’t matter if you’re an online business owner or have a brick and
mortar business, having an exit strategy isn’t usually front of mind for owners when they start their business.”

Kerry Boulton
Interview with Kerry Boulton, Founder and CEO of The Exit Strategy Group
Built to Sell Inc. Copyright 2018 www.ValueBuilderSystem.com
remains in their family or continuing to have a say in what
happens in the business”, and this is where Boulton and
The Value Builder System™ come in.

In the first step of her process, Boulton created a completely automated five-step plan to market her
services and acquire qualified paying clients. The well thought out process Boulton offers to business owners
is outlined below:

Step 1 - Mass-market Emailing to Partner Lists:

The initial step in Boulton’s process is marketing to a list of prospects, through an endorsed email sent out by a
strategic partner, where potential clients make their way through an automated workflow. This starts with an offer
to receive her self-published book, The Uncensored TRUTH About Exit Strategies.
Boulton uses the free book offer as a lead magnet tool to gather contact information and then sends an email
containing an invitation for prospects to get their Value Builder Score. Boulton has set up her automated process
to provide the summary page to all those that complete the questionnaire, as well as enrolling them in her Nurture
Cycle drip campaign.
This process concludes in one of two ways. If the business owner indicates a revenue greater than $500,000, they are
offered a $1,497 consultation with Boulton for free, which they schedule themselves using Schedule Once, as well
as receiving the free book sent from a fulfilment house. If the owner indicates a revenue below $500,000, they get
added into a funnel where a series of 20 emails is sent out systematically over a six-month period, and they receive
the free book sent from a fulfilment house. “The questionnaire as a starting point is the perfect eye-opener,
especially since most business owners haveno idea where or how to start.”
Built to Sell Inc. Copyright 2018 www.ValueBuilderSystem.com

Step 2 - Free Screen Share:

Those who schedule a free consultation with Boulton receive a short screen share meeting where she provides
a quick overview of and preliminary feedback on their Value Builder Score. This step is mainly geared towards creating a rapport with
the potential client and building credibility to sell them on the paid stage. At the end of the screen share, Boulton offers the business
owner a deeper look at the report along with a personal readiness assessment for $3,500.
Partner email offering free book 2 step Landing Page - 103 requested thefree book Qualifying Questions $1,497
consultation offered free No Consultation Offered Book sent by fulfillment house Book sent by fulfillment house
4 payin clients $500,000 + < $500,000 INVITE TO COMPLETE THE QUESTIONNAIRE
Prospect invited to pick
time on Schedule Once
- schedule complimentary
Boulton has a 90% conversion rate from free screen share (step 2)
to paid assessment (step 3).
Built to Sell Inc. Copyright 2018 www.ValueBuilderSystem.com
Step 3 - Exit Assessment Meeting
Boulton invites the business owner to do a one-hour virtual
call or face-to-face meeting to go into a deep dive where
they discuss the owner’s performance on each of the eight
value drivers and possible ways to improve. Along with this,
Boulton also includes a personal readiness assessment,
which provides the owner with insight into when they can
successfully exit their business and is used in conjunction
with the Value Builder System™ to enhance the process.
Free Screen
$3,500 faceto-
face Value
Value Builder
What’s Next for Kerry Boulton?
Boulton will be rolling out a new campaign—7 Top Secrets—which will provide individualized
reports based on interviews with experts on business value and tips on exiting a business, as
well as an offer to receive their Value Builder report.
Boulton offers the Value Builder System™ as an integral part of her business coaching and exit
planning services. Once she has gone past the initial stages of her process and the business
owner has agreed to move forward with an engagement, she includes the Value Builder
System™ as the framework to address the challenges they are facing within their business.
As a result, clients who have chosen to work with Boulton and go through her Value Builder
process have been able to create a successful parallel exit strategy by maximizing the value
of their business.

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